Idea Gallery

Idea Gallery


In Style

Bring tailored refinement to any surface with a single, effortless gesture by investing in natural stone for your living space. Stoneworks integrates alluring motifs and sustainable material to support your interior design chef-d’oeuvre.

  • Your Kitchen

    Today’s kitchen is a place of effulgent design paired with functionality. It’s a gathering place and the focal point in your home. Feed your creativity to form an exquisite ambiance for refined comfort.

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  • Your Bathroom

    Your home’s bathroom is the heaviest trafficked area in the house. Match durability to delicacy using exotic materials and unexpected textures for your interior design project and ensure your family and guests feel right at home during their trip to the loo.

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  • Your dream come true

    Make your culinary dream come to life with the help of our design team. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make your renovation projects seamless and designed to last a lifetime.

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Design Consultation

Personalized consultation and on ongoing dialog with our in-house design team bring inspiration and unique creativity to your evolving design. The Stoneworks team will give you expert advice on our huge product inventory and recommendations for your signature design.

Arouse Your Creativity

Visualize your countertops, floor tile and backsplash in a multitude of kitchen settings. Use this quick and easy tool to mix and match your choice of colors and textures to envision your ideal kitchen design. With a simple click, you’ll have a chance to email, print or save your favorites to help you make the final selection.

See our kitchen visualizer

Talk to the design professionals at Stoneworks about your next project.

Stoneworks has locations in Cleveland, OH, Largo, FL, Ft. Myers, FL, Charlotte, NC, and Newburgh, NY.