Cut to Size

Cut to Size

Our exclusive China Import Granite Program affords our clientele opportunities to provide material for large-scale projects at a modest price point. This program has been designed for projects typically 45 units and larger.

Why Stoneworks

Stoneworks is a local granite fabricator, not just a broker. If the unforeseen does arise, we can stand behind our product and fabricate a solution to give you assurance your project will finish on schedule.

Options and Optimization

Stoneworks often partners with architects, designers and contractors who strive for a personal signature in design. Achieve your distinct identity with material customized to nearly any color and thickness. Colors local to the Chinese fabricator will be most-modestly priced, but nearly all colors are available for selection.

Pristine Installation

Whether your project needs a full installation team or an expert on site for consultation to your in-house crew, Stoneworks can provide the full range of service. We can also supply the Akemi products and seam color-matched products needed for a successful installation, including sink mounting clip systems, to your team.

Lead Time

We work hard to bring your project from fruition to completion within a rapid timeline. We expect all your material to arrive on your jobsite within a 10- to 12-week time lead time. After the approved CAD drawings are submitted, we move seamlessly into the fabrication. For a standard 3-4 container project, this process typically lasts between 15 and 25 days. Shipping can depend on location, but can normally be expected within a 30- to 60-day window, pending no shipping delays occur.

Disclosure: Stoneworks has a full-disclosure policy to keep you informed on the possibility of delays on your project. We work diligently to deliver your material on time and on budget but there are external factors that can affect shipping times and cost.

Port Inspections

International shipping practices call for a random selection of containers to undergo complete inspection. Containers selected can be held for 24 hours up to two weeks. Communication is limited when a container is selected, but Stoneworks is notified by our broker upon the release of the material. Additional charges of up to $1,400 are incurred for those selected to undergo random selection.

Port Congestion

China ports undergo a “busy season” every August. Daily auctions dictate space on the boats, and could cause shipping costs to rise.


Stoneworks is proactive in monitoring shipping and fabrication strikes and will work to re-route shipments if a strike occurs to make sure your order comes in on time. Fabrication strikes are rare, but possible.


Depending on the time of year, some granite quarries close and blocks are unable to be cut. This could impact the timeliness of your order.


China factories shut down production for a 10-day period during during the Chinese New Year, and operate on low-staff on weeks surrounding the holiday. Typical production is on hold for up to three weeks during this time period.

Project Assurance

With an unparalleled dedication to our clientele, Stoneworks works in collaboration with your team to make sure your project remains on schedule. In the event a project with limited flexibility meets interruption that will result in costly delays, we have ability to fabricate the initial phase of the project locally. The price will vary based on volume.

High Definition

Make your interior design project a reality as you visualize your product selection prior to shipping. Upon request we’re able to provide you with dazzling photos of your product and legal documentation as we begin production. These will be helpful reference points for your team as you ready your space. And it provides added security to you while making the deposit.

The Extras

Our product selection combines quality, innovation and meticulous design to create aesthetically-pleasing and practical products. In conjunction with our supplier, Stoneworks is able to offer hundreds of options for stainless steel sinks and porcelain lavatory bowls, in addition to granite, to match the demands and desires of our professional clients.