Our exclusive selection of tile, marble, granite and natural stone products are used extensively in large-scale vignettes in several residential and commercial ambiances designed. Our products are hand-selected from mountainsides in Brazil, Madagascar, Norway, Italy and India to allow your space distinct prestige.

Our clientele includes granite for theme parks like Busch Gardens-Tampa, John F. Kennedy Airport, I.B.M., several luxury resorts across the country and established fast-food chains like McDonalds and Starbucks.

  • Personal Assistance

    Stoneworks is here to help create the project of your dreams, from inspiration to installation. Our dedicated design team will provide dedicated personal assistance, competitive lead times and exclusive pricing.

  • Unmatched Technology

    We have the capability to provide granite in bulk, equipped with the best technology to fulfill your needs for projects of all sizes, quickly and beautifully.

  • Delightful Design

    Office buildings, retail spaces, luxury high rises, hotels, condominiums – no matter the setting, natural stone affords your development elegance designed to delight your consumers. We’ll work with you to outfit your venue with chic and durable natural stone.

The Stoneworks Assurance

For professionals across the nation, Stoneworks has become the feel-good brand in surface products. We can provide the promise your new surfaces will be easy to install, safe, durable, low maintenance and add striking beauty to your space. Stoneworks products have been selected by top architects and designers for use in universities, libraries, retail stores, hospitals, luxury high rises, condominiums, restaurants, and hotels.

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Commercial Design and Inspiration

Stoneworks has the ability to provide stone of almost any color and thickness for your large-scale vignettes. State of the art digital fabrication equipment and exquisite attention to detail lend favor to bringing unexpected beauty into your commercial design. Our dedicated staff will work with you for projects of all size to find the right material for your unique space to add elegance and tasteful sophistication.

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Stoneworks has locations in Cleveland, OH, Largo, FL, Ft. Myers, FL, Charlotte, NC, and Newburgh, NY.