What’s the best material for your bathroom vanity?

What’s the best material for your bathroom vanity?

What’s the best material for your bathroom vanity?

Choosing a surface for your bathroom can seem overwhelming.  You know with the durability of most natural stone, you want to make the best choice because you will likely have this surface for as long as you own your home.  Since it’s such a big decision, we wanted to help by offering the factors to consider with each surface.




Granite is the most popular choice in the bathroom when it comes to countertops.  It has durability going for it.  Also, it stands up to heat, which is great if you regularly use a curling iron.  In addition, granite is in high demand, so if you plan on selling your house at some point, it will add value and could help it spend less time on the market.


Sealing is essential for a granite surface because it will need to resist grease, which is in a surprising number of products people use in the bathroom.  Generally, that takes place when installed, but regular maintenance is a factor to consider and resealing is a part of that.




Quartz has many of the benefits that you find with granite, with the added benefit of being tougher.  That means it doesn’t require sealing like granite does.  It’s also resistant to moisture, stains and bacteria, which is great for the bathroom.


On the flip side, quartz does tend to show fingerprints and smudges on honed and textured finishes, so you will find yourself wiping it down a little more frequently.




For many years, marble has been the choice of the well-to-do when redoing bathrooms, kitchens and so many other rooms.  It communicates wealth and sophistication.  On the positive side, it is resistant to most chips and dents.  As you design, you will find that it is very adaptable to differing styles.  However, marble is more prone to stains, scratches and etching that happens from acidic substances.  Also, there is a maintenance consideration because you will need to seal it periodically to maintain the finish.


The Final Choice


There are different reasons to choose each one and all will bring a different feel to any bathroom.  The big questions to ask yourself are what use do you plan on making of the surface, what style are you planning to convey and how much maintenance are you willing to devote to your surface.  Once you know the answers to those questions, your choice will be clearer.