What Is Granite

What Is Granite

What Is Granite

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What Is Granite Made Of?

Granite is geologically recognized as an igneous rock that is light colored with grains that are big enough for the naked eye to see. Granite is formed from slow crystallization of magma found underneath the Earth’s surface. It is composed mainly of feldspar and quartz crystals with small amounts of amphiboles, mica, & other minerals. This particular composition of minerals will give this rock a gray, red, white, or pink color with mineral grains of a darker color that are visible all throughout the rock.

Granite Igneous Rock

It is one of the most well known igneous rocks on this planet. People can easily identify granite because it is so abundant and is used to create a lot of objects that we use in our daily lives. Some of the common objects made out of granite are bathroom and kitchen countertops, paving stone, floor tiles, stair treads, curbing, cemetery monuments, and making veneer stone. This rock is everywhere and is more visible near the city. It was used to build some of the most beautiful natural exposures in the world like the Mount Rushmore, White Mountains, Pikes Peak, and Yosemite Valley. This rock is very popular in the construction industries as it is a preferred choice for builders, contractors, and homeowners for remodeling purposes.

Granite Uses

Granite is an incredibly hard rock that’s quarried as a dimension stone, a rock material that’s been cut into slabs or blocks of specific width, length, and thickness. Granite is so hard that it is abrasion resistant, hold heavyweight,  and can resist weathering due to its inertness. For thousands of years, granite has been used in bridges, buildings, paving, exterior projects, monuments and more. For interior design or remodeling, it is used to create tiles, slabs, stair treads, and so many more practical decorative features. Granite is also commonly used as an aggregate or crushed stone to build railroads ballast, road construction, foundations, the base material at construction sites, & anywhere else that aggregate can be used. Stone Works has a showroom where you can come out and get a live tour of the top quality products that we have to offer.

Found In Continental Crust

We now understand that this rock is one of the most abundant rocks found in the continental crust. While at the surface, it is found in core areas of continents called shields and in the cores of mountain ranges in larger areas recognized as batholiths. Bigger crystal minerals found in granite are proof that it cools slowly from the molten-rock material. We can be sure that it took a very long time for the cooling to have happened underneath the Earth’s surface. Any area in the Earth’s surface that is covered in sedimentary rocks, metamorphosed granites, or rocks that are closely related are normally present underneath the sedimentary cover.

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