Kitchen En Vogue

Kitchen En Vogue

Kitchen En Vogue

We’ve got the hottest trends in kitchen design – and how long they’ll last.

The kitchen is your home’s super-hub – it’s the heart of all activity where food comes with a side of love and design enhances the flavors of life. And while some kitchen trends slide down the drain (RIP honeysuckle and harvest gold), others are proving to have the elements to last. If you’re toying with the idea of revamping your cooking zone, check out which chart-topping trends are here to stay.

Black. This iconic goes-with-everything neutral has long been a signal of elegance and sophistication in fashion and is proving it’s equally at home in the kitchen. Black makes a strong, sleek statement, commanding attention and dripping with luxury. It’s both timeless and modern. The updated trend is slightly charcoal and tames the dramatic hue with a matte finish. Popular accents mix natural textures and contrasting whites into the space to help keep it from feeling too stark.

How long will it last? If it’s done right, we’re giving this trend some longevity. Be sure you can handle the boldness and the kitchen has access to enough light before you go black. But black is a color that’s never not in style. One way to ease into this sophisticated color is by opting for black cabinetry or letting us help you find classic black natural stone countertops. We’re giving this trend a good 5- to 10-year life-span.

Soft neutrals. Not ready to take the plunge into the bold blacks? No problem. You can still show off your standout style with soft neutrals. Soft blush hues, greys and dusky browns are the understated successors of yesterday’s look and they’re showing up everywhere. In fact, Pantone named Rose Quartz and baby-blue Serenity as its top hues for 2016. The iconic clean lines and barely-there neutrals offer simplicity and a quiet elegance. It sets the stage for glamorous details to add intimacy.

How long will it last? Because these soft tones work well with bolder hues and they complement almost anything shimmery, like brass, copper, rose gold and chrome, this trend is sticking around for a while. Everything from fashion to faucets are moving toward the muted look. Distinctive elements like silvery-grey stained woods and pale-neutral paint shades, give this look it’s staying power. We’re saying you’ll see these colors top the charts for the next 5+ years.

Organic textures. There’s a move happening right now shifting toward more textured and tactile materials. Natural marble and granite in honed finishes are timeless. Mixing organic shape and texture is popular in even high-end and luxury interiors.

How long will it last? Another trend designed to last the test of time, organic textures and natural materials are here for the long haul. If they’re handmade or one-of-a-kind materials, they’re going to still be a hot item in 30+ years. If it’s mass-produced think more around 15-20 years.

Glass-Front Cabinetry. Glass-front cabinets give your eye a break from the harsh wall-to-wall cabinetry and can make your kitchen feel bigger. The open concept also creates a display space for collectibles, pretty dishes and glassware.

How long will it last? This trend’s been a staple in traditional kitchens, now it’s bleeding into other styles, too. We’re saying it’s an instant classic – 30+ years.

White. White kitchens have been in vogue for decades. White represents happiness, innocence and purity. It’s the brightest color and reflects light so it makes even the smallest of kitchens feel spacious. Add timeless details like white subway tiles to lighten and brighten your space.

How long will it last? By allowing easy customization and an array of décor options, the white kitchen is in no hurry to fade away. White will never go out of fashion.

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