What updates work in a kitchen long term?

What updates work in a kitchen long term?

What updates work in a kitchen long term?

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, this question occurred to you a time or two.  Finding the answer is no simple task.  Today’s stainless steel appliance could end up as tomorrow’s avocado colored refrigerator.  So, what should you consider as must haves in your kitchen?




We have seen trends come and go in cabinets.  One of the more recent trends includes the use of open shelving, which certainly adds to the functionality of the room, but also potentially adds clutter if you’re not perfectly organized.

The answer here is to find cabinets that you enjoy, while considering what your plans are for your home.  If you plan on staying there indefinitely, you have the freedom to add lots of personal touches.  You can also consider what will work for you as you age.  Those knobs on the cabinets might look great, but pulls tend to work better with arthritic hands, so that should be considered if you plan on living with your kitchen for the long haul.

If, however, you plan on selling in a few years, you’ll want to go with styles that are more conservative in nature.  Painted cabinets have gone in and out of style many times over the years, but natural wood has been a steady presence in the kitchen, so that might be the safe way to go.




The beauty of lighting is that, for the most part, it is easy to replace if something is out of style.  Based on that, your focus should be on making sure that your kitchen has plenty of bright light in all the places you need it.  Fixtures can be replaced, but it is more difficult to wire a new one if you haven’t placed them properly.




One of the things that has been clear over the last decade or so is that natural stone countertops are here to stay.  That said, you need to consider your long-term plans for your kitchen before you consider style.  While certain colors will go out of style, people buying and selling real estate will tell you that granite or some other natural stone countertops are often a great selling point for a kitchen.  Considering natural stone is a great way to add longevity to any kitchen.

If you’re considering a countertop upgrade, please get in touch with Stoneworks.  We’ll be able to talk with you and advise you on what material will be best for your lifestyle, be it granite, quartz, marble or any other surface.  Ask anyone that has put in natural stone countertops and they will tell you the look and the versatility are among the many reasons they don’t regret adding them to their kitchen.