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Kitchen Lighting Options

If you want a kitchen that’s the envy of friends and family, don’t stop until you’ve considered your lights. Since poor lighting can make a room unusable, we’ve put together some ideas that will help you assemble the kitchen of your dreams....

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What updates work in a kitchen long term?

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, this question occurred to you a time or two. Finding the answer is no simple task. Today’s stainless steel appliance could end up as tomorrow’s avocado colored refrigerator. So, what should you consider as must haves in your kitchen?...

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The Importance of the Kitchen Work Triangle

When you spend a good deal of time in the kitchen, you know what it’s like when the room functions well and what it’s like when it doesn’t.  You’ve heard time and again about the work triangle, but you may or may not know what that is and what the rules are.   Most kitchens have three major areas where the majority of...

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