Stoneworks LTD Merger Catapults Granite Company onto National Surface

Stoneworks LTD Merger Catapults Granite Company onto National Surface

Stoneworks LTD Merger Catapults Granite Company onto National Surface

Cleveland, OH, May, 2016 – [] – Cleveland-based Stoneworks Ltd., a multi-million-dollar natural stone and tile distributor, has announced a merger and acquisition with Cutting Edge Granite, a Florida-based retail and commercial distributor of top surface solutions. The collaboration has strategically aligned these industry leaders to leverage their talent and expertise into collaborative solutions to meet the demands of commercial and retail consumers across the country.

The M&A, which was finalized last May, has also opened the door for two additional acquisitions under the Stoneworks name; Unico Special Products, a New York-based fabrication facility, and North Carolina’s Surface Products.

Stoneworks currently employs more than 260 employees and anticipates significant growth and job opportunity as a part of the development process. Chief Executive Officer Jon Kaplan said these initial acquisitions are the first contributions toward a long-term plan to triple the company size by 2020.

“We are most excited about the career growth opportunities, improved employee benefits and leadership developments this merger will allow,” Kaplan said. “This is definitely a case where one plus one plus one equals five.”

Larry Crowley, the vice president of sales and business development for Stoneworks, said the brand, which currently services interior designers, home builders, remodelers, retail consumers and Home Depot in all four markets, will continue to operate with a loyal customer-base while offering a unique buying experience in the stone industry.

“Our ability to provide a world-class customer experience and an intimate connection to the stone industry is what will set us apart from our competitors,” Crowley said.

The addition of award-winning talent from North Carolina and the superior industry practices integrated from New York will continue the corporate brand on its upward trajectory of becoming the leading granite company in the U.S., Kaplan added.

Moving forward, all entities will operate under the Stoneworks Ltd. brand as a Cutting Edge Granite Company. The move aims at providing customers with the best in service, selection and value at a cohesive national standard.