Reasons to Choose Dark Countertops

Reasons to Choose Dark Countertops

Reasons to Choose Dark Countertops

dark color countertops

Choosing natural stone countertops makes a lot of sense. Still, you might get hung up on color choices. Should you go with something white or dark? There are many great reasons for both, but dark counters can make your kitchen stand out.


Unique Style


One of the more popular choices among those installing natural stone counters is something lighter in color. However, if you’re a person that wants your home to stand out, dark colored counters could be a great choice for you. The dramatic look a dark color will bring to your kitchen is unique and could increase your home’s value.


Large Kitchen


If your home is blessed with lots of space in the kitchen, dark colored countertops will give definition to it. The key to making them work is great lighting all around. And, since you’re planning a remodel anyway, lighting is likely a part of your project.


Choosing Light Colored Cabinets


If you’ve got your heart set on white or light-colored cabinets, dark countertops give your room a stunning contrast. Each option helps to bring attention to the other and set your room off with breathtaking drama that sets your home apart.


Countertop Material Options


No matter what material you want for your countertops, you have lots of options. There are stunning choices in quartz, granite, marble and soapstone that would define your room. You won’t be limited in the colors you want to use around the counters as well, so you can let your style come out no matter what you choose.




If you haven’t thought about dark colored countertops before, ask an expert if it’s an option that works for you. The best way is to set an appointment with one of our designers. They’ll be able to talk with you about how certain materials look with other elements in your room so you can make a solid, well-informed decision. In the end, the only drama you want in your remodel is the look the finished product brings to your home.