Home Trends in 2017

Home Trends in 2017

Home Trends in 2017

Whether you’re building something new or remodeling something not so new, knowing what people are interested in goes a long way toward making the best decisions for your home.  What should you look for this year?  There are several options to consider.


Bright Green


Pantone set the mood for the year by naming the color of the year, Greenery.  Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said the color represented refreshment, rejuvenation and rebirth. Pantone has not chosen a color as bright as this and usually designers will shy away from a color so bold, but Pantone believes that’s changing with this choice.


Navy Blue


Elle Décor has suggested along with folks on Pinterest, that Navy Blue will be used more and more in decorating choices.  Searches online for color schemes have gotten darker by over 80 percent.  Navy Blue is seen as something bold, but still mainstream enough to be widely used.




It’s showing up in so many different capacities.  Marble is a material that breathes luxury and elegance and shows timelessness in your home.  It can also be used in countertops, flooring, desks or wall covering, so you know it has some versatility.


Smart Home


Smart Home features are becoming more a part of new purchases, from lights controlled by a smartphone to refrigerators that connect to the internet.  House Beautiful makes the case that practical things like these will be integrated into design elements, citing the example of a nightstand that was designed by IKEA with a charging station for smartphones.  No matter what elements you use, these extras can help you maintain correct lighting or even help you be more energy efficient.


Voice Activated Assistant


You’ve seen the commercials where a husband knows he’s in trouble so he asks his voice activated assistant to order flowers.  There are others that show a father answering his daughter’s questions by asking his assistant to search the web.  Both Google and Amazon have gotten into the game with voice activated assistants that are separate from a smartphone.  They sit neatly on a table, connected to the internet and can order things, answer questions, play music and generally make your life easier.




Trends come and go and there are many more that weren’t covered here.  Still, incorporating some of these into your home could give you the look and feel that you want and keep your home on the cutting edge this year.