Countertops Can Make or Break Your Remodel

Countertops Can Make or Break Your Remodel

Countertops Can Make or Break Your Remodel

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Any remodel can become overwhelming. Everything that goes into it can create a large budget and lots of work. Many look for ways to trim the budget, sometimes choosing a different countertop material that might have that natural stone look, but be cheaper.


An age-old reminder to remember when it comes to countertop materials is that you get what you pay for. While some materials might look good at first, they don’t have the staying power that natural stone can have.


In that spirit, we thought we’d give you some of the drawbacks of cheaper materials that might save you money, but at the expense of great looks or quality:




This material is available everywhere and while it offers a cheaper alternative, you will not get resale value out of your home. Since most home buyers are looking for granite or some other natural stone product, laminate tends to scream “replace me” to a potential buyer, no matter how new it is.


You can also damage this material fairly easily. Because it is made from glued layers of material, it is susceptible to heat damage. Hot pans will melt the top. Knives will also scratch the surface more readily.





This trendy material comes with drawbacks as well. When using it, you’ll notice it’s very susceptible to etching and staining. In addition, concrete naturally cracks over time and countertops are no different. When your home shifts, you’ll notice hairline cracks that are difficult to repair.



Stainless Steel


Few materials look as great as this…at the start. One of the big hassles with stainless steel is that it shows fingerprints easily. If you have stainless steel appliances, you know what that’s like. You’ll have to clean your countertops more often because of smudging and fingerprints. Also, stainless steel is easier to dent and scratch. While that’s not a problem in your average restaurant kitchen, where you’ll tend to find this material, it is in your kitchen if you want to keep it looking great.



The Answer


Instead of cutting corners with one of these materials, the best answer is a natural stone surface. It keeps drawbacks to a minimum while giving you a lasting look of elegance and sophistication you’ll be glad you have. An investment in natural stone is something you won’t regret years down the road. If you want to talk more about how this kind of countertop can make your kitchen look great, get in touch with us today.