5 Reasons Why Granite is So Popular

5 Reasons Why Granite is So Popular

5 Reasons Why Granite is So Popular

Granite Kitchen

It seems like granite has been an option in the kitchen for a long time. While it’s only been available as a countertop option since 1987, it does maintain popularity for several reasons. Here are five that we hear a lot from customers.




Granite stands up to a lot of abuse. In fact, you pretty much have to take a sledgehammer to it to get it to show wear, not that we recommend doing that. Many customers ask if you can use it as a cutting surface. While the answer is yes, it also depends on whether you want to buy new knives often since they dull quickly on granite. Simply put, granite is extremely durable.


Low Maintenance


Once you seal your granite, care is a breeze. To clean it on a regular basis, you simply need soap and water. The only concern is sealing it, but once that’s done, it lasts for a few years before you need it done again.


Many Design Options


When granite first came on the scene, there were one or two choices and were limited to areas near where a quarry was. Now, there are better and easier ways to transport it from the quarry to your home, so you have tons of options. If you’re trying to design a kitchen and haven’t yet found an option in granite, you will find one that works well for you that fits your taste and sensibility.




If you like to have a material that helps save the planet, there is nothing more natural than granite. And given its longevity, you won’t be replacing it as often and it’s more natural than other materials.


Raises Your Home’s Value


This is a big deal if you ever plan on selling your home. Granite lends a touch of class and says that the kitchen has been remodeled recently. That increases the value of the home because a new owner knows that they won’t have to do major rehab. If a home doesn’t have them in the kitchen, potential buyers walk away.




These are only some of the reasons people choose granite for their kitchen. If you’d like to add it to your kitchen, let us help. We can advise you on what works the best and show you the many color selections that we can offer you. Get in touch with us today and take that first step toward your dream kitchen.